[article translation] MAMAMOO, tonight (20th), Unveiling of ‘New York’… Signal Flare for the October Comeback

2016.09.20 08:31


[xportsnews reporter Jiwon Jung; Translations by @realladymoo]

Today, MAMAMOO will finally unveil their pre-single for their October comeback.

At midnight of September 21st (00:00 a.m. KST), MAMAMOO will release their pre-single ‘뉴욕(New York)’ on various music sites, firing the signal flare of their comeback in October.

The inspiration for “New York” came from the 13-hour time difference between New York and Korea. Idea sparked, with the fun imagination that although it is deep into the night in Korea, one can still party in the hot daylight of New York.

The funky-yet-minimal track instrumentals, mixed well with MAMAMOO’s unique color, gave birth to a new polished/classy feeling song.

Furthermore, the music video, which will be released along with the track, will reveal the MAMAMOO members’ shocking transformation into stylish New-Yorkers.

The music video creates laughter with the fun plot twist: the character lies to her boyfriend that she’ll be in New York, but instead, enjoys free time with her friends (in Korea), and gets caught.

Having a comeback ahead of them in the upcoming October, MAMAMOO have been laying out the foundation for the comeback, beginning with their concert in August, then the unit album, and lastly, the pre-single (“New York”).

MAMAMOO have already gained positive feedback, back in August with their very first unit promotion tracks ‘Angel’ and ‘DABDAB’. Now they are hinting at taking over the music charts once more with their pre-single ‘New York’, which once again will present to the public MAMAMOO’s bright energy and creativity.

Additionally, the MAMAMOO members have been using their official SNS accounts and their fan cafe to leave subtle hints (about the comeback), which have been linked together by their fans, who are now welcoming their comeback.

Through various music sites, MAMAMOO will reveal to the public their pre-single ‘뉴욕(New York)’ on 12:00 a.m. of the 21st

jeewonjeong@xportsnews.com / image= RBW

Click HERE for the original news article.

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