*Before we start…. to join the official MAMAMOO fan cafe, you need a DAUM account.
*Click HERE for the tutorial for making a DAUM account (pc).


Step 1: Begin by Logging in with DAUM

  • Go to the fan cafe >> MAMAMOO OFFICIAL FAN CAFE
  • At the moment (August 2016) in celebration of MOOSICAL (MAMAMOO’s first concert) the fan cafe header looks like this:


  • At the veeery top of the fan cafe, you’ll find a menu bar.
  • Click “로그인” (log in) and sign in into your DAUM account.

2016-08-12 (18).png

  • If you are already logged into your DAUM account, this button will say: “로그아웃” (Log out) instead.

Step 2: Answer the “to-join” question

  • After logging in with your DAUM account, scroll down on the fan cafe until you find the side menu on the left:
    • Click the hot pink colored button that reads “카페 가입하기” (Join cafe)

2016-08-12 (17).png

  • When you click the hot pink button, this page will appear:
    • On this page, you answer the “to-join” quiz question.
    • Q: When did MAMAMOO debut? ( ; A: 2014.06.19
    • Then click “okay”
    • *This question may change in the future

2016-08-12 (21).png

Step 3: Request to Join the Cafe

  • Fill out  the required information on the page:
    • Check the box
    • Come up with a cafe nickname. The nick name can be (but does not have to be) different from your DAUM ID. It can’t have special spaces or special characters.
      • In the cafe, there are specific rules for the nickname, which I’ll cover in the future. For now, just remember to use only ENG, KOR & numbers.
    • Copy the blue text into the empty box.
      • Type in all caps, no space.
      • Refresh if you need to.
    • Click the “가입” (join) button at the bottom

2016-08-12 (22).png

Step 4: And… You’re Done!

  • Click the ‘확인” (Confirm) button to finish!

2016-08-12 (23).png