*This tutorial shows the step by step process of making a DAUM account on a PC.
*Last updated: 8/17/2016 (please send me a DM via Twitter if you see changes in the process, and the need for this tutorial to be updated)

[Part 1: start]

  • Go to » DAUM
    • From the grey log-in box (top-right), find and click “회원가입”:



  • Clicking this “회원가입” button will open up a new page (shown below). This new page gives you two options for setting up your DAUM account: using a phone number & using an email address.
    • Select the second option on the right, the email option:

2016-08-12 (1).png

[Part 2: verify your email]

  • After clicking the option to set up your account with an email address, you’ll be redirected to a new page.
  • On this new page, to the following (1)-(5) steps (in order):

(1) Enter an existing email address you have access to
(2) Type in your name
(3) Click the box
(4) Click the box
(5) When done with steps (1)-(4), click “인증번호 받기” (red boxed area) for a verification number to be sent to the email you’ve provided. [*Clicking this, a new box to type in the code should appear under box where you entered your email.]

2016-08-12 (2)

  • Now, open up the inbox of the email you want to verify in a separate tab.
  • Check to see if you’ve received an email from DAUM:

2016-08-12 (5)

  • Opening the email, you’ll find the 6-digit code:

2016-08-12 (6)

  • Return to the DAUM page.
  • (1) Paste/ type-in the verification code.
    (2) Click the blue “확인” (confirm) button.

2016-08-12 (7)

**The process of receiving the code and verifying the code must be done under 10 minutes.**

  • Lastly, click the blue button (cut out in the above image) at the bottom of this page to move on to the next part.

[Part 3: ]

  • Check to see if the new page you’re directed to looks like this:

2016-08-12 (10).png

  • In box (1), is where you enter the DAUM user id that you wish to use.
    • The id typed in there already is an example/suggestion by DAUM. You can use this, or type in whatever you want.
  • In box (2) type in the password you desire.
    • Since DAUM doesn’t ask you to type in the PW twice, click the “보기” button located with box (2), to make sure you entered in your PW correctly.
  • Lastly, for box (3), you are being asked to type in the Hangul (Korean) text located in the colorful box above box (3).
    • In the case of the example in the image, the text you type in will be “불숭루플” without spaces between the characters.
    • *** If you cannot read Hangul, or if your PC does not support imputing Korean text, DM me on Twitter with a screen capture, and I will send you the text. You will then have to copy and paste it in to the box 🙂
  • After imputing the Korean text, click the blue finish button at the bottom (“가입완료”).

There you go, that’s it!

2016-08-12 (15)