So, it’s been a while since you’ve taken the official oath to become a fan of Mamamoo (jk there’s not an actual oath). Then you begin to notice…”Hmmm a lot of Moomoos have Twitter accounts……. should…I make one too…?” Well, the short answer to this question is ‘YES.’ The long answer would be ‘YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS.’


But how, you ask? Don’t worry, MOOMOOMANUAL is here to help. Let’s cover the skills you need step by step:


Step 1:  Make an Account/ Create a Profile


1.1 Sign up

You won’t get too far in mastering Twitter if you don’t have a Twitter account. Go to Twitter and click the “Sign up” button located on the top right hand corner. Or click here if you’re a lazy Moomoo like me.

2016-05-11 (1)
After putting in your name and email (use a real one b/c you’ll have to verify your email to activate your account), Twitter will ask you to choose a username. A username (a.k.a handle) is the thing that looks like “@username” that gives you a unique url to your profile.

1.2 Set up Your Personal Profile

2016-05-11 (5).png

You can customize your profile by doing the following:

  1. Upload a profile photo
  2. Upload a header photo
  3. Change username
  4. Add a bio description

It’s important to include these things to your profile, as they give your account a clear identity, and other Moomoos feel more comfortable to follow you back.
»Tip: However, do not include your personal information (like birth date, location, personal pic,  your real name, etc.) unless you really want to.

Chapter 2:  Creating Connections


2.1 Following/unfollowing

Now that you’ve gotten yourself an account, we’re ready to follow!
By following / unfollowing a user, you can start / stop to view that particular user’s tweets on your timeline. Here are few useful accounts to get you started:

THE official Twitter account for MAMAMOO (members do not have personal accounts)

RBW staff who uploads (or plans to, since the account is pretty new) content about not just Mamamoo, but other RBW artists as well.

The ONLY Mamamoo source dedicated to providing quality English translations and subbed videos.
»Tip: If you are more comfortable with other languages, try looking for other translation accounts.
»Tip: Follow the fan base account for the country you live in (e.g. @MAMAMOO_TH for Thailand, @MamamooPhils for Philippines, @Mamamoo_France for France, etc.) to get updates, translations, and information about bulk orders.

Very active account for Mamamoo updates (provides links for livestreams)

Information account for Mamamoo’s chart placements/ vote status (Active during promotion times)

»Tip: follow the Twitter accounts of well known Moomoos who run fan pages for cool illustrations, fan taken vids/pics, and other fun MMM contents.

»Tip: For important official accounts, set up so you get notified when they tweet (star sign on the profile).

**Also, get to know other Moomoos like you who are on Twitter. To do this, go to the accounts listed above (especially the international fan base accounts), and check out the people who follow these accounts. Visit their profiles, and if you would like to get to know them, follow them first, and send them a polite mention introducing yourself. Tell them you’re new and looking for friends! With your new friends,  watch live streams together, discuss Mamamoo updates, and share fun things for each other!

»Tip: When a user follows you, you are not entitled to follow them back, but why not follow them if they offer something for you?
»Tip: users get notified when you follow them, but do not get notified when you unfollow them.

2.2 Block/Mute

When you block another account on Twitter, the blocked account cannot follow you, and if you were previously following this account, you will automatically unfollow them. The blocked user cannot send you a DM, include in a list, view your follower/following lists, view your likes or lists, or tag you in a photo. Also, you can block an account only for a specific tweet. (blocked users are not notified)

Temporarily (or permanantly) make their tweet not visible to you. Ideal if you don’t want to unfollow an account, but they’ve been tweeting very frequently recently. Or, if they are giving out spoilers you don’t wish to see yet. (users are not notified that they have been muted)

2.3 Lists

If you don’t want to necessarily follow a user, but still want to be updated, the list feature is just what you need. Twitter lists are collections of Twitter accounts or usernames. You can title your list accordingly. E.g. I created a list titled “Music Shows” which includes the Twitter accounts for Music Core, Music Bank, M Count Down, Show Champion, etc. I also have a list titled “Radio” with all the radio channels.

Creating lists not only is helpful for you, but for your followers as well, as they can view the lists you’ve created (unless you’ve made it private), and follow the lists themselves. You can create/view lists by going to your profile.

*YES, users are notified when someone adds them to a list. 

Chapter 3:  Being Active

3.1 Replies, Mentions (@userid)

You can  interact with other users by replying to their tweets. Replying is slightly different from the “commenting” feature found on other social media platforms. This is because on Twitter, every “reply” is considered as a separate “tweet”. Your reply will me placed under the original tweet in a thread form, but also be posted on your profile separately. Therefore, on twitter, it is considered odd if your reply consists of “ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ” or “lol” for example. You can reply to an account by clicking the reply button (bent arrow) below the tweet.

You can mention another account by typing their @userid anywhere within your tweet. The account you have mentioned will be notified, but the tweet will only be updated on your profile (unless the mentioned account, retweets your tweet).

3.2. Direct Message, DM

If tweeting and replying is like an open conversation, DM are private messages. Sometimes however, users open up this option for only the people they follow. DMs are optimal when you ask questions, requests, or want to have a private conversation everyone seeing it.

»Tip: You can have a private group conversation by using the direct messaging feature.

3.3 Retweet, RT

While cruising through Twitter you may run into information you would like to share with your own followers. This process of sharing a tweet with others is called a ‘Retweet‘. To retweet (RT), simply the click the button that looks like the recycling button with out the third arrow, located beneath each tweet, on the left of the like button. You don’t have to be following a user to retweet their tweet.

Another method of retweeting is to write out a tweet with the format: “RT Your thoughts @originalwriteruserid the original tweet“(Replace the green parts). The more retweets a tweet receives, the more “influential” it is.

3.4 Like


When you ‘Like‘ a tweet, click the heart at the beneath the tweet. This feature allows you to mark the tweet as a favorite, and be able to easily see it later (go to your profile > ‘Likes’) Yes, users of the tweets you liked will get notified, unless they’ve turned off the notifications from people they don’t follow.

Chapter 4:  Other Tips

4.1 Character Limit

Twitter limits each tweet to be 140 characters, and this limit is further reduced if the tweet includes a photo(s). The positive of this trait about Twitter is that it allows its users to be to-the-point, and does not allow words to go to waste. However, the character limit does become annoying sometimes.

For instance, when you want to include a link to a website, the link text is also counted towards the character limit. Thus, use,, or use the shortened version of the url provided by the website. For example, use instead of

4.2 Utilize the THREAD

If you are tweeting out more than one tweet that continues, or want to add an update to a tweet, use a thread. You can do this by replying to your own tweet.

4.3 Hash Tags (#) / Twitter Trends

A twitter hashtag refers to a topic, keyword, or phrase which follows the #(hashtag) symbol. An example is #MAMAMOO1STWIN  Hashtags are useful to categorize messages on Twitter.

When a noticeably large group of accounts use a specific hashtag repeatedly, the hashtag will appear as a trend. When Mamamoo took their first music show win during their “You’re the Best” era, the hashtag #MAMAMOO1STWIN was trending on Twitter for hours, as the fans were celebrating, and sending out congratulating messages.

Actually, you don’t need the hashtag to make the keyword appear on the trending list. For example, when Mamamoo won, not only was the hashtag #MAMAMOO1STWIN trending, but the words ‘마마무’ ‘MAMAMOO’ and ‘You’re the Best’ were all trending. Hashtags just allows the ease of searching for tweets later.

Chapter 5:  The Unspoken (but crucial) Laws of the MOOMOO Twitter Users

Whether you like it or not,  you have now entered a new community of people. Therefore, respecting the community’s rules, and having manners, is of paramount importance. Here are few of these rules:

  1. Twitter is a platform for EVERYONE, not just Moomoos. Please be kind and courteous of other artists and/or their fans. Do not tweet out things that may offend others, or damage the image of MAMAMOO  or their fans, MOOMOOS in any way.
  2. Respect the work of others. Many fans use Twitter to share with others their work, or help others to be more in touch with MAMAMOO. DO NOT forget to thank, and credit them. This applies to any kind of translations, info/updates, artworks, fan-taken images/videos, etc. Different accounts have different guidelines. For example, some do not mind you sharing their work with everyone, as long as you keep the logos on the work, or credit them properly. Others do not want their work to be re uploaded anywhere else (do not post the work on different websites, blogs, SNS, etc.) However, you are free to directly retweet them on Twitter! (You can always ask the accounts if you have any questions)
  3. Introduce yourself, and be kind. Before blatantly sending a DM or replying to an account with a request or question, say hello, and thank them!


Twitter may be confusing for the first timers, but in no time, it will transform into an excellent tool for you to be an active fan of MAMAMOO (really, Twitter soon may be the only thing you’ve mastered in your life).


You’ve done it! You’ve mastered Twitter! Now go, Moomoo, show your love for MAMAMOO, and conquer world of Twitter!!!