마마무에서 보컬과 랩을 맡고있는 화사한 화사입니다!
Vocalist and rapper of MAMAMOO, I’m the dazzling HWASA!

  • Birth name: 안혜진/ (安惠眞) (Ahn Hye Jin)
  • Stage name: 화사 (Hwasa)
  • Birth date:  July 23, 1995
  • Hometown: 전라북도 전주시
  • Family: Parents, 2 older sisters
  • Height/Weight: 160cm/44kg
  • Blood type: A
  • Education: 성심여자중학교, 원광정보예술고등학교
  • Religion: Catholic (Baptismal name: Maria)
  • Position: Sub vocal, Lead rapper, Maknae


Hwasa, is an adjective which means literally “shining brightly; vibrant” in Korean. She chose the name herself, because “it is not common” unlike her birth name, Hyejin, which has commonness equivalent to “Joe” in America. Although the main producer (PD Kim Do-hoon) suggested her to think of other names, eventually Hwasa was able to keep her name.


Mamamoo is loved for their retro sound in their music, and their powerful stage presence and lively performances, and Hwasa is the member that plays the biggest role in this.
It is no debate that Hwasa is an amazing vocalist, but also as the main rapper of Mamamoo, Hwasa’s potential as a rapper is just as outstanding. (In the very first track Hwasa featured in ever she rapped)


On stage, Hwasa is usually the most energetic member. She likes to adlib, reach out to the audience, and get them excited (she always yells “applause~” or “scream~~” on live stages). In a specific Piano Man stage, Hwasa could not contain her excitement, and when she flipped her hair up, her hair got all caught up in her Rudolph hair band (It was a Christmas special stage). After seeing this, Moomoos nicknamed her as Hwalion, because the hair reminded them of a lion’s mane. In a recent stage, Hwasa did a parody(?) of this incident.


Another nickname Hwasa has is “Ahn-fatal”, given to her for her “deadly sexiness.” From debut, Mamamoo has never done a sexy concept (Moo Moos are very very very very against Mamamoo’s sexy concepts lol). However, Hwasa makes every song they sing look and sound “fatal”. She believes the source of her fatal-ness is her favorite mole on her cheek. Among the Mamamoo members, Hwasa was voted of having the best figure they are jealous about.


Hwasa is afraid of dogs, with the exceptions of Pup-Whee and Solar’s dog, Jjing-Jjing. She turns into a stone in front of dogs.


Hwasa makes her love for Moomoos apparent through her kindness and her gifts for them. Although her visit to the fancafe is less frequent than the other members, Hwasa drops “bombs” whenever she does. She leaves pictures after pictures, and uploads cover songs created by her just for Moomoos (check out “Treasure”). On live event stages also, Hwasa enjoys interacting with the fans by making eye contact, and reaching out and holding their hands.


One of Hwasa’s earliest experiences on stage is her musical role as “Patzzi” when she was in elementary school. After this experience, she gained a whole-hearted support from her family to pursue her dream in the music/arts industry. Hwasa expressed her interest for being involved in musicals and also acting in the future. Hwasa loves to watch movies, and often recommends various films she enjoyed to her fans.  Hwasa wants to direct her own movie in the future.