Group Salutation:

I Say Mama Mama Moo~ 안녕하세요! 마마무 입니다!

*The members sing the “I say Mama Mama Moo~” part in harmonies.

The group name ‘MAMAMOO’ holds the members’ hope to approach their global audience “instinctively” through “familiar music”, as the term “mama” is a term for “mother”, which spans over all cultures.

Mamamoo is a 4-member South Korean girl group affiliated with RBW (Rainbow Bridge World). One of the directors of this company is Kim Do-Hoon, who is also a highly acclaimed song writer in Korea. Originally, Kim was the CEO of WA Entertainment, managing the Mamamoo members’ trainee years, and their early promotions after debut. Later, WA Entertainment merged with Rainbow Bridge Agency.

Mamamoo announced their debut album on June 18th of 2015, and had their official broadcast debut on ‘M Countdown’ on June 19th.


Member Lines:

<Vocal Line> Solar, Wheein, Hwasa, (Moonbyul)

<Rapper Line> Moonbyul, Hwasa, (Solar, Wheein)

<Unnie Line / Yong-Kong-Byul-Kong> Solar + Moonbyul

<Angel Line> Solar & Wheein

<Roommate Line> Moonbyul & Wheein마마무