마마무에서 랩과 퍼포먼스를 맡고있는 반짝반짝 문별입니다!
Rapper and performer of MAMAMOO, I’m twinkle-twinkle MOONBYUL!

  • Birth name: 문별이 (文별이) / Moon Byul-ie
  • Stage name: “문별” / “Moonbyul”
  • Birth date: December 22, 1992 (age 23)
  • 162.8 cm / 45 kg / B Blood type
  • Family: father, mother, 2 younger sisters (Seulgi 1996, Yesol 2004)
  • Hometown: 경기도 부천시 원미구
  • Position: Main rapper & Main dancer, performer



On the day when Moonbyul was born, her father saw that the night sky was especially bright with many stars, and decided to name his first daughter Byul-ie (Star). Her father wanted Moonbyul to grow up to be a bright and “twinkling” person. (Thus her catchphrase “twinkle twinkle, Moonbyul” and her nickname “Moon-Star”)


Unlike Solar, Moonbyul began preparing to become a singer at an earlier age (however her childhood dream was to be a police officer). She entered SM Academy, and was influenced by TVXQ. Moonbyul is a fan of TVXQ, F(x), and other international rappers. She is also a huge fan of Solar, the leader of her own group.


Moonbyul often does not get enough attention for her singing ability, as a result of her three outstanding vocalist members. However, it is a known fact that Moonbyul passed the RBW audition as a vocalist, practicing and training for many years to become a vocalist. Moonbyul’s vocal trainer stated, “I thought where ever she went, she would debut as a main vocal of a group, but I was surprised to see her debut as a rapper.” Although Moonbyul later on took on the path as a rapper, she is still highly praised for her rap delivery and flow. She also writes her own lines in all MAMAMOO tracks.


Moonbyul is often mistaken as the youngest member of the group. Moonbyul is also the tallest, the slenderest, and the member that is “always sick or injured” according to MooMoos. Moonbyul also had bangs as long as MooMoos can remember.


Mamamoo’s fandom is composed of a female majority, and out of all four members, Moonbyul probably has the most female fans (but not necessarily the least male fans). She is popular among female audiences for her resemblance of Minhyuk from BtoB and Xiumin from EXO (+ she also looks like Moonbyul is loved for her tomboyish style and gestures, as well as her caring/protective attitude towards the other members. In an interview with ‘DC Inside’ Moonbyul stated that she prefers female fans over male fans because she can relate to them more. (Moonbyul’s  love for F(x) member Krystal is also a well known fact in the fandom).

Fun Facts

Moonbyul’s favorite number is 2 because her birth date is 19921222. Whenever she is asked to choose a number for a raffle she has selected the number 22 (hint hint  wink wink).