마마무에서 보컬과 리더를 맡고있는 도레미파솔라 솔라입니다!
The leader and vocalist of MAMAMOO, I’m do-re-mi-fa-so-la, SOLAR!

  • Birth name: 김용선 (金容仙) / Kim Yong Sun
  • Stage name: “솔라” / “Solar”
  • Birth date: February 21, 1991 (age 25)
  • 160.5 cm / 43 kg / B Blood type
  • Family: father, mother, older sister
  • Hometown: Seoul
  • Position: Leader & Main Vocalist


Her stage name “Solar” is a combination of two meanings. 1) Solar is in charge of the high notes/harmonies in the group: thus do-re-mi-fa-SO-LA(r). 2) The last character of Solar’s birth name, 김용”선”, resembles the English word “sun”.


Solar’s dream was to become a flight attendant, but she gave up on this dream after realizing that it was not a path for her. Years later Solar participated in a street singing contest while walking around in Hongdae by chance, and unintentionally caught the eye of a casting staff in the audience. (She later shared that she “shortly lived her dream as a flight attendant” when she played a stewardess role in the “Um Oh Ah Yeh” music video). Because she took on the path as a singer much later than her peers and struggled with the opposition from her parents, Solar spent an especially difficult training period.


Solar’s notable characteristic is her chubby cheeks, mole under her right eyebrow, wide smile, and double dimples under her mouth that appears when she smiles. These traits are often used to characterize her in drawings by fans.


To get to know Solar, you have to get to know her companion, the ‘Rainbow Rice Cake’ blanket. Solar has been seen having her rainbow patterned blanket with her everywhere she went. The blanket quickly gained popularity in the fandom and many MooMoos tried to purchase identical blankets, but failed miserably. Rainbow Rice Cake stirred up so much hype that for some time it was named the unofficial 5th member of Mamamoo. Solar later heard about the commotion and revealed that the blanket was a gift from a Thai fan. The hunt for the blanket seemed to cool down a bit, but soon, a Korean exchange student studying in Thailand began bringing the blankets in to Korea. Today, possession of one of these Rainbow Cakes has become more common (but still pretty rare).


When people first get interested in Mamamoo, they are surprised that Solar is the main vocalist of the group (also surprised that she is not the youngest). Solar’s is praised for her clear diction and stable belting of high pitch notes. By far, Solar is one of the top notable idol singers, and is often compared side to side by others credible idol vocalists such as Eunji, Solji, Luna, Choa, etc. Solar does not have a unique singing voice to make herself easily stand out, but she makes her singing unique through her skilled delivery of emotions all wrapped in her classic vocal tone, and R&B soul.Solar has mentioned that she enjoys listening to Southern hip hop, which comes at a surprise for many. She also stated several times that she looks up to Amy Winehouse as an artist.