마마무에서 보컬과 퍼포먼스를 맡고있는 휘이익~ 휘인입니다!
Vocalist and performer of MAMAMOO, I’m hwweik~ WHEEIN!

  • Birth name: 정휘인 / (鄭輝人) (Jung Whee In)
  • Stage name: 휘인 (Wheein)
  • Birth date: April 17, 1995
  • Hometown: 전라북도 전주시
  • Family: Parents
  • Height/weight: 162cm/43kg
  • Blood type: B
  • Education: 전주양지초등학교, 성심여자중학교, 원광정보예술고등학교
  • Religion: Catholic (Baptismal Name: Gabriella)
  • Position: Main vocal, lead dancer



The name “Whee In” is not a common name in Korea, and the story behind how Wheein got her name is pretty special too. Wheein’s aunt, who loves watching animations and reading manhwa (Korean comic books), named her after the character, Jo Whee In, from “순정만화 인어공주를 위하여”. I guess it’s in the genes; Wheein is an anime lover also.


Wheein’s mother, who graduated from an arts college, influenced young Wheein to become interested in the arts. In her teens, after debating between a path of artist or music, Wheein chose music. Wheein is an only child, but mentioned she has cousins who got along with her like siblings.


Mamamoo is known for their lack of team positions (because the members are all-around-talented), but in formal records, Wheein is listed as the main vocal. In most Mamamoo tracks, Wheein sings the chorus. Her voice acts as a platform on which Solar and Hwasa burst high notes over or Moonbyul doubles up a rap segment. (Check out the video collection of Wheein’s “killing parts”) Wheein has various merits as a singer. She has the widest range of vocal from Mamamoo, and while Solar has a powerful voice, Wheein takes care of the techniques such as bending. She is often applauded by experts for her R&B style singing voice. Wheein’s clean singing voice is the base of all Mamamoo harmonies.


Wheein is officially in charge of Mamamoo’s stage performance, along with Moonbyul. She is an amazing dancer who bursts out intense energy from her small frame. With Moonbyul and help from the other two members, Wheein choreographs for their performances.


By far, Wheein is the best performing member on variety shows, and is referred to as the funniest member of Mamamoo. On their appearance of ‘Weekly Idol’ Wheein surprised the MC’s with her witty impromptu poems. Wheein’s great sense, gift in language and her quick-wittedness not only helped her gain this title, but also helps her take care of emergencies. She is able to remain calm and take of any unexpected problems (Hwasa’s wardrobe problem, fixing microphone, etc.)


Hwasa and Wheein are like two peas in a pod. Wheein met Hwasa in middle school. From the first day of middle school up to now, they have been close friends. They did everything together. They studied, ate out, went to karaoke, practiced singing and dancing, hung out. They auditioned together, were signed to the same artist training label, practiced on the same trainee team, and debuted together as members Mamamoo. From food preference, music taste, to humor, Hwasa and Wheein reflect eachother a lot. Wheein stated that she and Hwasa are so close, that she cannot imagine living without her. Check out the 고향이 (Hometown) music video, in which Wheein and Hwasa visits the town where they grew up together.